PIF E-commerce Acceleration Program for the Pacific

Pacific Regional

About the Program

The Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) initiated work on E-commerce in 2017. The program supports Forum Island Countries to engage in digital trade, so as to promote sustainable growth and poverty eradication.  In its inception phase, the program  focused on analytical and policy work to establish the foundations for Forum Island Countries to undertake transformative actions. Since 2022, focus has shifted to implementation of such actions following the adoption of the Pacific Regional E-commerce Strategy and Roadmap. Beyond implementation, PIF has a leading role in the overall coordination of the Pacific E-commerce Initiative.

Coordination of the Pacific Regional E-commerce Strategy and Roadmap:

  • Management of the Pacific E-commerce Portal the to go place for information on e commerce development in the Pacific, including PIF E-commerce products
  • Management of the Regional E-commerce M&E framework, M&E Report no. 1
  • Support to the development of National E-commerce M&E frameworks
  • Establishment and management of Pacific E-commerce Committee and Sub-committees
  • Support to the establishment of National E commerce Committees
  • Establishment and management of the Pacific E-commerce Alliance

Implementation of the Pacific Regional E-commerce Strategy and Roadmap:

Start and End Date

Not Available

Geographical Focus

Pacific Regional

Main Beneficiary

Government and Private Sector




Australia, European Union, Republic of Korea

Implementing Agency


Contact Person

Dr Andrea Giacomelli
Aid-for-Trade and Trade Policy Advisor

Policy Area

PA1. E-commerce Readiness & Strategy Formulation
PA4. Legal & Regulatory Framework
PA6. E-commerce Skills Development
PA7. Access to Finance for E-commerce

Strategic Output

    • 1.1. National E-commerce strategies are developed and implemented in FICs, which are built on domestic consensus and inspired by the Regional E-commerce Strategy and Roadmap
    • , 1.2. Statistics on E-commerce are available to inform national and regional policymaking of FICs and the formulation of donor-funded programmes
    • , 1.3. E-commerce potential and opportunities in the Pacific are visible and recognized internationally
  • 4.2. International agreements on E-commerce benefitting FICs are negotiated and concluded
  • 6.1. The regional innovation/start-up ecosystem for E-commerce business ventures is strengthened
  • 7.1. Availability of risk sharing facilities and blended finance solutions has increased for E-commerce players (marketplace, vendors, merchants)


Individual Projects Under the Program

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