Digitising and harmonising trade procedures relevant to cross-border E-commerce across FICs

Pacific Regional

About the Program

As Measure 3.1.5 of the Pacific Regional E-commerce Strategy and Roadmap points out, the preparation, submission, processing and storing of trade documents related to the payment of customs duty is a costly process, both for industries and governments. Where the value of goods is small, like in many B2C E-commerce transactions, administrative costs may be higher than the duties collected.

By exempting small value goods from duties, de minimis values save money to the government, and promote E-commerce. Harmonizing de minimis values to an agreed amount would level the playing field and increase predictability of cross-border E-commerce.

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Not Available

Geographical Focus

Pacific Regional

Main Beneficiary

Private Sector





Implementing Agency


Contact Person

Andrea Ibba
Pacific E-commerce Coordinator

Policy Area

PA3. Trade Logistics and Trade Facilitation

Strategic Output

  • 3.1. Trade procedures relevant to cross-border E-commerce are digitized and harmonized across FICs


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