Cook Islands Ecommerce Acceleration Plan and Legislative Gap Assessment

About the Project

The E-commerce Acceleration Plan will serve as a roadmap for how e-commerce can be used to support national development goals in the trade, services and industry sectors. The findings will be aligned to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) framework for E-Trade Readiness Assessments.

The Legislative Gap Assessment seeks to establish recommendations for legal and regulatory responses for e-commerce laws needed for e-commerce to develop harmoniously in the Cook Islands, with reference to international standards where applicable for E-transactions, Data Protection and Privacy, Cybercrime, Online Consumer Protection, as well as high level findings and recommendations on Intellectual Property.

Start and End Date


Geographical Focus

Main Beneficiary



Budget ($)


Implementing Agency

PACER Plus Implementation Unit

Contact Person

Luke Marston
Design & Development Adviser

Policy Area

PA1. E-commerce Readiness & Strategy Formulation
PA4. Legal & Regulatory Framework

Strategic Output

1.1. National E-commerce strategies are developed and implemented in FICs, which are built on domestic consensus and inspired by the Regional E-commerce Strategy and Roadmap.
4.1. E-commerce-related laws are made or amended based on UNCITRAL model laws as best international standard, plus other best international practices.


1.1.1 Develop national E-commerce strategies in all FICs built on the model of the regional E-commerce Strategy and Roadmap
  • 4.1.1 Adopt UNCITRAL model laws on electronic transactions
  • , 4.1.2 Adopt other relevant laws and regulations increasing confidence for consumers and businesses and predictability of E-commerce

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