Digital Health Check Workshops

About the Project

Designed to guide operators through a number of digital tools, digital marketing platforms and providers, to further assist with the attraction of guests from travel partner countries.

Start and End Date

Not Available

Main Beneficiary

Private Sector

Implementing Agency

PTI Australia

Contact Person

Onorina Fugawai
Tourism Project Officer


  • All of Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) Australia's programs and projects work towards their core vision of improving the livelihoods of Pacific people by enabling decent work and economic growth in the Blue Pacific.

Policy Area

PA6. E-commerce Skills Development

Strategic Output

6.1. The regional innovation/start-up ecosystem for E-commerce business ventures is strengthened.


6.1.1 Strengthen the regional network incubators, digital business clusters and accelerators and connect this network to the other elements of the regional innovation ecosystem

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