Cook Islands Launch National E-commerce Acceleration Work Plan, 23 August

Cook Islands unveils E-commerce Work Plan

On 23 August, Cook Islands launched an E-commerce Acceleration Work Plan marking a significant milestone. The Work Plan is intended to leverage the prevalence of internet connectivity to promote e-commerce and trade growth.

The Work Plan closely resembles national e-commerce strategies developed by other Forum Island Countries as it aligns in both scope and methodology to the Pacific Regional E-commerce Strategy and Roadmap (Regional E-commerce Strategy), thereby implementing Measure 1.1.1 of the Regional E-commerce Strategy.

Prime Minister Mark Brown at the unveiling of the Work Plan stated, “The e-commerce Acceleration Work Plan is a significant milestone in our efforts to build a resilient and prosperous economy,”. He makes this statement because the recommendations holds great promise for Cook Islands towards its post—pandemic economic efforts. The Work Plan benefited from extensive national consultation, with the technical support of TradeWorthy and financing from the PACER Plus Implementation Unit. It proposes a phased approach for the 41 measures that are to be implemented, and it calls upon the Government, the business community and development partners to support these efforts.

Mr. Roy Lagolago, Head of the PACER Plus Implementation Unit, commended Cook Islands, “PACER Plus is proud to support the Cook Islands in its journey towards a thriving e-commerce ecosystem. This work plan reflects a well-considered strategy that aligns with regional goals and priorities, and we are confident that it will have a positive and lasting impact on the Cook Islands’ economic development”.


Download Cook Islands E-commerce Acceleration Work Plan here.

Find more information here.

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