TicketMax Kanu Trivia Night

Fiji’s first ticketing marketplace is now live

A new online ticketing marketplace, TicketMax Fiji, aims at enhancing the ticketing and leisure experience in Fiji. This innovative platform is set to revolutionize the way entertainment enthusiasts across the country purchase tickets for their favourite events. Accessing the leisure industry may just never be the same again.

The leisure industry poses a significant challenge for event organizers, who invest heavily in setting up events with no guarantee of customer turnout. However, TicketMax may just be the answer for customers and event organizers alike. With its user-friendly online marketplace, TicketMax eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive manual ticketing processes. This platform promises to deliver a simple, fast and hassle-free ticketing experience for both local event organizers and customers in Fiji.

TicketMax is developed and owned by Ticket Max Pte Ltd, a 100% locally-owned Fijian company. To enable online tickets’ sales, it partners with Fiji event organizers. The self-service and user-friendly portal features a simple setup, global event visibility and multiple digital payment options available in Fiji such as M-PAiSA and MyCash, along with Visa and MasterCard for both local and international buyers. TicketMax also offers cash and door sales modules and simple check-in process through QR codes on the day.

According to George Fong, founder of TicketMax, “We aim to empower local businesses by giving them an easy way to access the digital economy as well as improve the event ticketing process for local and international attendees of Fijian events”

Since going live in February 2023, TicketMax has helped organize sales for 4 local events, the most recent being the AFL Run Pacific Harbour Tour, whose tickets are still up for sale on the website (event on 6 May 2023). Just recently, TicketMax had its first sold-out event for Kanu’s Trivia night with 160 attendees!

Ben Wheeler, event organizer for Kanu Trivia Night comments, “TicketMax was a gamechanger for our increasingly popular night: They took all the stress and hassle out of collecting money and distributing tickets; the platform was incredibly user-friendly allowing up-to-date access to the guest list, names and contact details for the hosts; and we had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers!”

TicketMax is aligned to the development aspirations of the Pacific Regional E-commerce Strategy and Roadmap, specifically as an enabler of more online businesses. TicketMax Fiji invites local event organizers to experience its free online setup, ensure that there are participants to their events, and meet customers’ needs.

To learn more about TicketMax Fiji and its ticketing solution, visit their website.


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