Digital Economy in Small Island Developing States

Pacific Regional, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Caribbean

About the Program

Blended learning strategy to boost the digital economy in Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) of Africa, the Caribbean and Asia and the Pacific. This program aims to strengthen the capacities of SIDS on key aspects of the digital economy through the development of skills and knowledge, with innovative development approaches based on a recognized blended learning method and state-of-the-art technological solutions.

Start and End Date


Geographical Focus

Pacific Regional, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Caribbean

Main Beneficiary





United Nations Development Account

Contact Person

Mark Assaf
Chief, TrainForTrade Programme

Policy Area

PA1. E-commerce Readiness & Strategy Formulation
PA4. Legal & Regulatory Framework
PA6. E-commerce Skills Development

Strategic Output

  • 1.2. Statistics on E-commerce are available to inform national and regional policymaking of FICs and the formulation of donor-funded programmes
  • 4.1. E-commerce-related laws are made or amended based on UNCITRAL model laws as best international standard, plus other best international practices
  • 6.2. Digital skills are enhanced for all


Individual Projects Under the Program

There are no projects attached to this program.

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