4G internet penetration in Pacific Island Countries

About the Project

Thanks to governments’ initiatives and development partners’ support, Forum Island Countries (FICs) have been improving internet penetration across their territories. Data from ITU for 2022 shows that there are five FICs with a share of the ‘Population covered by at least 4G mobile network’:

Fiji 80%
Kiribati 60%
Micronesia 0%
Nauru 30%
Papua New Guinea 50%
Samoa 99%
Solomon Islands 25%
Tonga 96%
Tuvalu 0%
Vanuatu 70%

Start and End Date

Not Available

Geographical Focus

Pacific Region

Main Beneficiary

Government and Private Sector



Budget ($)


Implementing Agency


Contact Person

Andrea Ibba
Pacific E-commerce Coordinator

Policy Area

PA2. ICT Infrastructure & Services

Strategic Output

2.2. Supply of general and last-mile domestic connectivity is expanded across the Pacific


2.2.1 Expand the 4G network and wi-fi connectivity as well as access to devices in rural communities through supply-side and demand-side incentives.

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