Accession/Ratification Accelerator Programme for the Framework Agreement on Facilitation of Cross- border Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific

About the Project

To maximize benefits and ensure inclusive implementation of the Framework Agreement, it is important that as many countries as possible can be parties to it and participate in the process of actual implementation upon its entry into force. In that context, the ESCAP secretariat has launched an Accession/Ratification Accelerator Programme. Several technical assistance and advisory services may be provided to developing country member States, including translation of the treaty text and other related support materials; provision of a local/national expert to accelerate domestic accession/ratification process; development of tailor-made notes/briefs on benefits and implications from becoming a Party to the Framework Agreement; and support to the organization of national interagency consultations.

Start and End Date


Geographical Focus

Main Beneficiary



Budget ($)


Implementing Agency

Contact Person

Yann Duval
Chief, Trade Policy and Facilitation Section

Policy Area

PA3. Trade Logistics and Trade Facilitation

Strategic Output

3.1. Trade procedures relevant to cross-border E-commerce are digitized and harmonized across FICs.


3.1.3 Accede to Framework Agreement on Facilitation of Cross-border Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific

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