E-commerce Disciplines Training for Pacific Negotiators

About the Project

The project supports negotiators from Forum Island Countries to negotiate and implementation of future digital trade agreements and E-commerce provisions in Free Trade Agreements.

The first part of training is devoted to build awareness of e-commerce and e-commerce rule-making on different (national, regional, international, etc.) levels, as well as to the overview of the scope and content of the key disciplines proposed in different negotiating / rule-making fora.

The second part of the training is designed to deepen participants’ knowledge of the e-commerce rule making through a closer look at the modalities and dynamics of e-commerce negotiations (with the JSI on E-commerce negotiations at the WTO  / RTA negotiations being used as a case study), a more profound exploration of development implications on the e-commerce ecosystem, and practical discussion on implementation of e-commerce rules involving the peers already possessing the relevant experience.

The course was delivered online in 2022, with a self-paced version available on the Pacific E-commerce Portal.

Start and End Date


Main Beneficiary


Contact Person

Dr Andrea Giacomelli
Aid-for-Trade and Trade Policy Advisor


  • Number of graduates of the PIFS training course on E-commerce rules [baseline; to-date; closure]: 0; 74; 74

Policy Area

PA4. Legal & Regulatory Framework

Strategic Output

4.2. International agreements on E-commerce benefitting FICs are negotiated and concluded.


4.2.1 Develop FIC negotiators’ skills on E-commerce laws and regulations to support negotiation and implementation of future digital trade agreements and E-commerce provisions in FTAs

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