Maua Platform Expansion to Vanuatu – Harnessing the potential of eCommerce to enable MSMEs to trade online

About the Project

SkyEye, a company owned and operated by Pacific Islanders, works on the goal of localising technology for the region. Through its Maua platform the aim is to create an integrated online marketplace which will help MSMEs with easier, low cost and equitable access to markets. The Maua platform (with a strong focus on women led businesses) will help overcome the major hurdles for MSMEs to trade their goods and services online by providing multiple modes of digital payments, an online marketplace available on smart phones, a ready delivery network and the potential to reach the diaspora.

This project expands the Maua platform from Samoa to Vanuatu


Start and End Date


Main Beneficiary

Private Sector

Implementing Agency


Contact Person

Mohammed Asad Ur Rahman Nile
Country Coordinator


  • Registered Community Vendors (65% Female) [baseline; to-date; closure]: 0; 5; 10

  • Registered Commercial Vendors (40% Female) [baseline; to-date; closure]: 0; 15; 30
  • Registered Buyers (65% Female) [baseline; to-date; closure]: 0; 500; 1000
  • Registered Drivers (5% Female) [baseline; to-date; closure]: 0; 2; 5
  • Sales Volume (50% Digital Payments) [baseline; to-date; closure]: 0; $8,000; $20,000

Policy Area

PA3. Trade Logistics and Trade Facilitation

Strategic Output

3.4. Accessibility of E-commerce platforms has increased.


3.4.2 Support the expansion of leading national marketplaces towards the creation of a private sector-led Regional E-commerce Marketplace (REM)

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