M&E Framework for the Pacific Regional E-commerce Strategy and Roadmap

About the Project

A sound monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework is a priority to support monitoring of the agreed measures of the Pacific Regional E-commerce Strategy and Roadmap (the Strategy) and inform decision-making.

The PIFS E-commerce Unit has developed a regional M&E system and embedded it in the Pacific E-commerce Portal through its Program and Project sections. The system relies on implementing agencies creating project pages and reporting against their progress on implementation, timelines, alignment with the Strategy, budget, donor contributing, etc.

The first M&E report was produced in 2022 and can be found here.

Start and End Date

Not Available

Geographical Focus

Pacific Regional

Main Beneficiary

Government and Private Sector



Budget ($)




Implementing Agency

Contact Person

Dr Andrea Giacomelli
Aid-for-Trade and Trade Policy Advisor

Policy Area

PA1. E-commerce Readiness & Strategy Formulation

Strategic Output

1.2. Statistics on E-commerce are available to inform national and regional policymaking of FICs and the formulation of donor-funded programmes.


1.2.1 Establish a regional collection, production, compilation and dissemination mechanism for E-commerce statistics

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