Pacific E-commerce Portal

About the Project

The Pacific E-commerce Portal: the go-to place for current information on e-commerce development in the Pacific.

The Portal currently includes:

  • Programs Section: search and find information on development programs supporting regional E-commerce priorities
  • Resources Section: access practical toolkits for businesses going online, national and regional E-commerce diagnostic reports and strategies, and our virtual training course on E-commerce for policymakers
  • Statistics Section: dive into the most comprehensive compendium of E-commerce statistics available for the Pacific region
  • News Section: read updates from partners of the Pacific E-commerce Initiative

Start and End Date

Not Available

Main Beneficiary

Government and Private Sector

Implementing Agency


Contact Person

Dr Andrea Giacomelli
Aid-for-Trade and Trade Policy Advisor


  • Status of the Pacific E-commerce Portal [baseline; to-date; closure]: to be established; established; updated & upgraded

Policy Area

PA1. E-commerce Readiness & Strategy Formulation

Strategic Output

1.3. E-commerce potential and opportunities in the Pacific are visible and recognized internationally


1.3.2 Launch a Pacific E-commerce Portal providing information on how to operate an E-commerce business, pre-requisites on access to payment gateways, E-commerce supporting programs, initiatives and development partners funded projects.

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