Retail Payment Ecosystem in Solomon Islands

About the Project

The objective of the study is to provide a comprehensive understanding of Solomon Islands’ retail payments ecosystem, its market size, customer preferences, and merchant motivations.  

 The final report benefits various stakeholders:  

  • Private sector players will be able to define relevant strategies and design profitable and customer-centric products for (digital) retail payments. 
  • Regulators and policymakers will clearly understand which types of services exist in the market; whether those are in early, mid, or mature stages; and how their support can be truly transformational for the digital economy of the Solomon Islands. 
  • Development partners that are active in this space will be able to identify future interventions (for example for remittances, P2G/G2P, etc.) based on challenges and opportunities highlighted in the study. 

You can find the final assessment here.

Start and End Date


Geographical Focus

Solomon Islands

Main Beneficiary




Budget ($)




Implementing Agency

Contact Person

Zoe Victoria Tate
UNCDF Country Lead Technical Specialist

Policy Area

PA5. Electronic Payment Solutions

Strategic Output

5.2. Business-friendly digital payment solutions spearheaded by commercial banks and Mobile Network Operators are integrated in E-commerce ecosystem.


5.2.1 Improve interoperability between payment service providers at national level (e.g. between banks, between MNOs or between banks and MNOs) through payment system infrastructure and legal reforms

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