SIM Registration Database in Solomon Islands

About the Project

The recently passed SIM Card Registration Regulation in Solomon Islands provides a regulatory framework for the registration of all SIM Card users, and for the control, administration, and management of the Information Database. 

To support the strengthening of the SIM registration effort, and to support the development of further initiatives to strengthen e-KYC and digital identity verification more broadly in the country, UNCDF will provide the following support:  

  • Capacity-building in TCSI 
  • Making operational the SIM Registration Database under the CBSI-TCSI MOU, keeping in mind e-KYC application 
  • Conduct a scoping study on the feasibility of creating a National Digital Identification System in Solomon Islands 
  • Support the development of the wider DFS ecosystem. 

Start and End Date


Geographical Focus

Solomon Islands

Main Beneficiary

Government and Private Sector



Budget ($)




Implementing Agency

National Central Bank

Contact Person

Zoe Victoria Tate
Country Lead Technical Specialist

Policy Area

PA4. Legal & Regulatory Framework

Strategic Output

4.1. E-commerce-related laws are made or amended based on UNCITRAL model laws as best international standard, plus other best international practices.


4.1.2 Adopt other relevant laws and regulations increasing confidence for consumers and businesses and predictability of E-commerce

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