Siuhuu Payment Solution

About the Project

Siuhuu is enhancing our support for Pacific Island businesses by integrating payment solutions that enable direct use of local bank accounts on our platform. This initiative makes it simpler for businesses in small Pacific Island nations to join Siuhuu and tap into a global marketplace. They can not only sell their unique products but also list their services, broadening their market reach.

The new payment integrations on Siuhuu are a game-changer, especially for Pacific Islanders who play a key role in the local business and artisan sectors. By enabling them to use local bank accounts for transactions, we’re simplifying the process of joining and thriving on a global platform, reducing hurdles and supporting economic independence.

This integration is a significant part of our commitment to nurture a thriving community and ensure that Pacific Island businesses—both products and services—can reach customers worldwide, reinforcing our goal to make entrepreneurship accessible and successful throughout the region.

Start and End Date


Geographical Focus

Pacific Region

Main Beneficiary

Government and Private Sector



Budget ($)




Implementing Agency

Contact Person

Akanesi Kaufusi
Founder and Director, Siuhuu

Policy Area

PA5. Electronic Payment Solutions

Strategic Output

5.2. Business-friendly digital payment solutions spearheaded by commercial banks and Mobile Network Operators are integrated in E-commerce ecosystem.


5.2.2 Partner with the major international banks in the Pacific to improve the quality of digital financial services available to businesses and consumers (internet banking, payment gateways, etc.)

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