Youth Digital Skills

About the Project

Supports the utilisation of the ITU’s Digital Skills Toolkit in the Pacific to provide a basis for subsequent capacity building for policy makers to be able to support youth digital skills development.

Start and End Date

Not Available
Not Available

Geographical Focus

Pacific Region

Main Beneficiary

Government and Private Sector



Budget ($)


Implementing Agency

Commonwealth Secretariat

Contact Person

Kirk Haywood
Adviser and Head, Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda, Trade, Oceans and Natural Resources Directorate

Policy Area

PA6. E-commerce Skills Development

Strategic Output

6.2. Digital skills are enhanced for all


6.2.1 Enhance the digital inclusive skills of students at all levels, including at primary and secondary schools, Post School Education and Training (PSET) level, and at community level. Develop standardized training curricula on E-commerce at PSET level

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