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Registration open for E-learning Course on Legal Aspects for E-commerce

Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and delegates from Permanent Missions in Geneva have an exciting opportunity to enhance their knowledge in the field of e-commerce. Registration is now open for an e-learning course titled ‘Legal Aspects for E-commerce,’ scheduled to run from October 30 to December 8, 2023.

The TrainforTrade Programme is the United Nations on Conference and Trade Development’s (UNCTAD) leading programme on trade and capacity building. The programme is delivering the ‘Legal Aspects for E-commerce course’ through an online distance learning platform. The content of the training comprises nine modules covering topics such as online regulations; security; consumer protection; payment and taxation and many more. The training is part of the eTrade for all Initiative, a global initiative supporting E-commerce worldwide.

The training falls under the wings of the Pacific E-commerce Initiative (Initiative), as it aligns with the objectives set out in the Pacific Regional E-commerce Strategy and Roadmap (Strategy), which was endorsed by Pacific Trade Ministers in 2021. Specifically, Key Priority Area 4 (KPA 4) of the Strategy emphasises the importance of adopting e-commerce laws. The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) oversees the monitoring of the Strategy. In 2022, PIFS published the 2022 M&E Report on the Strategy, indicating that a significant 60% of measures under KPA 4 are under implementation.

Mr Dominic Leong, E-commerce and Digital Economy Regional Specialist, UNCTAD said, “Strengthening legal frameworks is important for Pacific countries to benefit from e-commerce and the broader digital economy. Through this course, policymakers will strengthen their ability to review, draft, amend or update legislation relevant to e-commerce including consumer protection, content regulation, online privacy, taxation, online communications, digital payments, and intellectual property.”

Mr Noah Patrick Kouback, Programme Advisor-Trade of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, expressed his enthusiasm, “I’m excited to share that the UNCTAD, a valued partner of the Pacific E-commerce Initiative, is delivering a training on Legal Aspects for E-commerce. E-commerce plays a crucial role in trade bringing the world closer to the Pacific, reducing distances and trade costs but an enabling ecosystem needs to be created first. This training reinforces our Strategy’s implementation and, on the ground, supports Forum Island Countries in adopting appropriate E-commerce laws and facilitating the exchange of experience and knowledge.”

Officials from Pacific SIDS can easily register for this course by visiting this website and selecting “Legal Aspects of E-commerce 2023”. The access code to join the course is “2023.Legal”. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your understanding of the legal aspects of e-commerce in the Pacific region.

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