Siuhuu online marketplace for the Pacific

Pacific Regional

About the Program

Siuhuu, created and operated by Pacific Islanders, stands as the premier and largest online marketplace created exclusively for Pacific Islanders worldwide.

Siuhuu currently has four distinct categories: a marketplace for products, business services enabling online booking, restaurants allowing online food ordering, and rentals for accommodations and cars. Consolidating Pacific Island-owned businesses onto one platform streamlines accessibility, making it effortless for users worldwide to discover and utilize their services.

The platform currently boasts over 200 suppliers from Tonga, Cook Islands, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. It is now expanding its reach to Fiji and numerous other countries across the Pacific, while also enhancing its services. To ensure Pacific islanders are able to participate, the platform is also working on improving its services, including integrating payment solutions and enhancing accessibility through mobile devices.

Start and End Date

Not Available

Geographical Focus

Pacific Regional

Main Beneficiary

Government and Private Sector







Implementing Agency

Contact Person

Akanesi Kaufusi
Siuhuu Founder and Director

Policy Area

PA3. Trade Logistics and Trade Facilitation

Strategic Output

  • 4.2. International agreements on E-commerce benefitting FICs are negotiated and concluded


Individual Projects Under the Program

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