PIFS E-Biz Plus

Pacific Regional

About the Program

In 2022, the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) joined forces with e-commerce industry leaders in the Pacific to establish e-commerce business toolkits on moving from offline to online. Accelerating e-commerce adoption by both merchants and consumers presents numerous benefits, such as increased formalization of businesses, expansion of businesses and better digital financial inclusion. It also plays an important role in our post COVID-19 economic recovery.

The PIFS E-commerce Business Toolkits are simple, step-by-step, example-based, guides for a hypothetical business wishing to explore the use of online tools to sell products and services in a given industry and a given geographical context.

Based on the positive feedback received from users of the Toolkits, and taking advantage of the higher level of digital readiness in the Pacific, PIFS has consolidated and expanded its support to Pacific MSMEs through a four-step approach.

  1. Toolkits development and accessibility
  2. Promotion and training
  3. Mentoring and coaching scheme
  4. Small grant scheme

Start and End Date

Not Available

Geographical Focus

Pacific Regional

Main Beneficiary

Government and Private Sector




Australia, European Union

Implementing Agency


Contact Person

Andrea Ibba
Pacific E-commerce Coordinator

Policy Area

PA7. Access to Finance for E-commerce
PA6. E-commerce Skills Development

Strategic Output

  • 7.2. Alternative sources of finance for E-commerce ventures have been mainstreamed in access to finance solutions and are promoted regionally
  • 6.1. The regional innovation/start-up ecosystem for E-commerce business ventures is strengthened


Individual Projects Under the Program

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